Unit Eleven


‘In the year 2035, survivors of a now almost completely evacuated post-apocalyptic Britain compete for a government bounty to retrieve a mysterious bio weapon known only as Unit Eleven…’

For around the last 4 years, Slime House TV Director Theo Cane and his team ‘The Sheffspendables’ have been putting together a fully self-financed, independently produced, large-scale post apocalyptic action adventure style feature film called ‘Unit Eleven’.


The Project has been completley self funded by Theo and his team, and has been made possible by the dedicated cast and crew shifting around work scheduals and pulling together all their resources to put together something that is truly unique and incredibly ambitious.


The film is now (mostly) in it’s post production stages, as Theo and the gang work around the clock to perfect the edits, the sound mix, the after effects and originally compsosed soundtrack – writen and performed by Theo’s long time collabirator Cal Williams.

Every prop, set, costume and even in some cases the vehicles, were all completley self built by members of the Sheffspendables team, and with a current run time of two hours (after some very brutal editing), the movie is set to be something truly outstanding.


With a desired release date of 2017 Theo and co really have their work cut out, but as you’ve probably already discovered, hard work is something the Sheffspendables team never shy away from, and we cant wait to invite you all to the premier so you can sit down and see for yourself just what can be achieved from nothing if you want it badly enough.

Theo – ‘This has been the most draining, stressful and mind-scrambling project I have ever undertaken. Since day one, everything has been against us in every way you could possibly imagine, but I’ve enjoyed every last minute of putting this film together. I cant thank the crew and cast enough for all their hard work and dedication, and when I’m waking up at 3am scribbling down ideas, and looking at footage dying inside knowing I’m gonna have to film shots again because they didnt come out right, it’s those guys that keep pushing me to stay positive and keep grinding until the project is done. It wont be long now. We are in the final stages of production, and in 2017 I want show everyone involved how much i appreciate their dedication when we get to screen Unit Eleven for the first time!’


Theo – ‘I can never thank everyone enough for all their support, staying patient, and keeping interested in the films production. It’s not easy to put together a feature film – in fact its near to impossible, especially one on this kind of scale and I dont know how we have even got this far! But we have, and I can’t wait to unleash this beast onto the world.’

With a HUGE cast and an even bigger arsonal of trucks, bikes and weapons, Unit Eleven is set to be a movie like no other!

More info coming soon… In the mean time, check out Slime House TV episodes 1,2 and 3 for exclusive behined the scenes clips of Unit Eleven.

Available HERE

You can also watch the exclusive documentary below (The Last Action Hero’ all about Theo Cane, his team and the production of Unit Eleven made by our friends over at Deranged Industries a few years ago…