Hellboy The Game – 2018

A NEW Hellboy board game is coming to Kickstarter on April 25th and with a resurgence of tabletop gaming and a new film starring everyone’s favourite demonic paranormal investigator due next January, it couldn’t come at a better time! Hellboy publishers Dark Horse have recruited Nottingham company Mantic Games to bring the project to life…

‘All Figured Out’ Slime House TV In Florida!

In this long awaited one off special., we travel to the U.S.A to search for retro toys and action figures all the way across the sunshine state of Florida.
Featuring Florida rap legends ‘Critical Madness’ this is defiantly not one to be missed!
Check it!

The Beauty Of Bootlegs!

We interview the owner of one of the biggest and best sources for bootlegs on the internet!

Battle Beasts Forever…

Fire, Wood & Water…. These might be some of the ingredients to some Kumbaya, outdoor camping trip but it’s also part of being a mother fucking bad ass anthropomorphic Battle Beast…