Tokyo Ghoul out Tomorrow!

Tokyo Ghoul is the latest live-action adaptation of a beloved anime/manga and as a relative newcomer to the world these characters inhabit, I was itching to get stuck in and see more…

Better Watch Out!

You Might Be Home But You’re Not Alone!

EIFF 2017 – Okja – Scottish Premiere

We take a look at the controversial new Netflix offering Okja and how it was received by critics as the movie premiered at this years Edinburgh International Film Festival!

‘All Figured Out’ Slime House TV In Florida!

In this long awaited one off special., we travel to the U.S.A to search for retro toys and action figures all the way across the sunshine state of Florida.
Featuring Florida rap legends ‘Critical Madness’ this is defiantly not one to be missed!
Check it!

Wish Upon – Be Careful What You Wish For…

After attending an exclusive preview last week, Slime House report Robert Trott gives us the full run down on ‘Annabelle’ director John R. Leonetti’s latest horror thrill ride, Wish Upon…

Baby Driver 2017

Edgar Wright is back after four years with a love letter to car chases and music!

Aftermath Out June 19th!

Schwarzenegger stars in Elliott Lester’s dark new riveting drama based on the real life events of the 2002 Bashkirian and DHL Airline crash.