The Other Side Of The Witching Hour – Tavarna Caris Garvey

After Debuting at Sheffield’s Celluloids Screams Horror Film Festival, Tavarna Caris Garvey’s first ever short film ‘The Other Side Of The Witching Hour’ has gone from strength to strength, playing in festivals all around the world, Canada, Australia and America just to name a few!
Starring Tasmin Leona and narrated by Roxanne Bordeaux With Special effects, camera work and editing from Slime House creator Theo Cane Garvey (Tavarna’s big bro) complete with music from his long time collaborator Cal Williams ‘The Other Side Of The Witching Hour’ is a film that mesmerized viewers at film festivals and is now available to watch for free on youtube!

“With its audible cues and brash, heliotrope opening titles, “The Other Side Of The Witching Hour” establishes its desire to evoke more Eurocentric cinematic ecstasies than the ever popular, dark Americana. This macabre feast grants certain aesthetic pleasures seldom found in contemporary horror: recursive fleecing textures, darkly-hued and frenetic subjective camera, and dense, unearthly fogs of repressed memory and melancholia” – Zach Betonte of ‘Film Jive’ podcast

“Not only does her film look and feel like a genuine 1970’s Freak-out classic. Garvey accomplished something many contemporary horror directors have attempted and failed. She created her own dreamlike world and atmosphere” – HV Hyche NuFlesh

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