Snipes Is Back! – ‘Final Recall’ Out Now!


Since the final instalment in the Blade trilogy back in 2004, I hadn’t seen Wesley Snipes in anything other than The Expendables 3, so when Theo told me the Slimehouse TV crew had recieved a copy of the new Wesley Snipes film to review I was defiantly interested to see what it had to offer. Would it be one of his classic action films, such as Demolition Man and Drop Zone? Perhaps it might be one of his more dramatic movies, like White Men Can’t Jump or New Jack City.
All I knew coming into this film is that it was titled “Final Recall” and that I hadn’t even seen a trailer before I pressed play… Basically, i was ready for anything!

The film stars five happy-go-lucky teens, Brendan (played by RJ Mitte of Breaking Bad fame), Charlie (played by Jedidiah Goodacre, which may be the most Amish name I have ever heard), Annie (played by Laura Bilgeri), Rob (played by Niko Pepaj) and Kara (played by Hannah Rose May), with Snipes playing more of a reoccurring cameo type role in the movie, but this doesn’t take anything away from the movie, or his performance, Snipes still makes sure he owns every scene he is in, turning up  at the exact moments that you want him to!
what whats the story about? Well…
The teens are on a camping trip out in the middle of nowhere, where they spend the night in an old log cabin. Things begin to get weird when they turn on the TV and see that the news is reporting that hundreds of strange circular cloud formations are beginning to form all over the planet. It isn’t long before they realise on of these cloud formations is in very close proximity to their cabin, what bad luck!
As they investigate, they bump into a strange Hunter living in the woods by himself, played by the one and only Snipes!

They head back to the cabin, and as night falls shit hits the fan. Strange UFO’s emerge from behind the clouds and shoot red energy down onto the ground, including the forest around the log cabin. The CGI effects used is these segments is pretty impressive given the relatively small budget of the film. Out of these energy blasts emerge a small ground force of aliens! Most of them look like your traditional “grays”, but the first thing which actually enters the log cabin to search for them are these strange red glowing flying jellyfish things, which trust me, might sound weird but also describes them perfectly!

Needless to say things get more crazy from here. After a run in with the alien, they bump back into Snipes’ Hunter, who tells them that this day has been coming for years. He tells them he is an abductee, and shows them scarring on his body from the experiments they conducted on him. When the gray alien appears, the effects are done practically, and
I really appreciate people using practical effects whenever possible instead of resorting to CGI.
So what have the aliens came for you might ask? No quicker do we wonder this than the first of our five teens is sucked up into the sky and abducted. Not only that but inner conflicts begin to affect the remaining four, as (semi spoilers) one of them turns out to be a complete psychopath. It’s quite out of nowhere and certainly caught me by surprise, was not expecting that one.

The third act of this film is where it gets interesting as just when you think the movie is about to end, there is a bait-and-switch and then a whole extra half hour where the movie goes in a direction you do not expect. I don’t want to give too much away, but I gaurentee you won’t be able to predict this film’s ending!

All in all, The Recall was very enjoyable , I love sci fi movies, alien fiction, and anything with the don Wesley Snipes in it, good old practial creature effects done in the old school way (a guy in a rubber suit is all you need!) when the gray alien showed up, and alot of interesting elements mixed into the story which caught me by surprise. The acting performances from our five leads are all solid, and Wesley Snipes never dissapoints when he’s given any kind of role which involves bad assery.
Needless to say, a forest-dwelling former astronaut and soldier turned alien hunter with poisoned spears is pretty bad ass!

Final Recall is available to Download from today! 14th Aug. 2017
Also available on DVD & Blu-Ray from 21st Aug. 2017

Words by BAzebub