Aftermath Out June 19th!

When we think of Arnold Schwarzenegger, we think of many things… Muscle bound action sequences, cigar chomping explosions, catch phrases and one liners, but one thing you might not be too familiar with, is his ability to completely switch up his action hero persona and deliver something truly deep and serious and in my opinion, there are few examples that showcase this more than his performance in Aftermath.

Based on the real life tragedy of the 2002 Bashkirian and DHL Airline crash when two planes were accidentally set on a collision corse that resulted in the deaths of every person involved, Aftermath follows the story of Roman (Schwarzenegger) and the emotional journey he takes after loosing his wife and pregnant daughter in that disastrous airline accident and how he seeks to track down the man responsible (Scoot McNairy) to seek his retribution.

As we have seen in a few of his other most recent solo projects, Schwarzenegger seems to be wanting to move away from his usual ‘feel good’ (I feel good watching them anyway…) kill everybody with a machine gun while he smiles and quotes one liners kind’a party movies, and with films like ‘Maggie’ and ‘Sabotage’ (side note, Sabotage 2014 this is an absolutely awesome film and probably the most visceral and violent of Schwarzenegger’s movies ever….yeah I understand that’s saying a lot but seriously watch it and tell me different!) we can see that as Arnold has matured, so have some of his movie role choices.
Then again we do have to think… Some of Arnold’s most famous movie roles such as The Terminator and Conan were always very dark, gritty and brutal, so it’s actually really good to see him go back to these roots, even if its just for a little while.
Now obviously I still always hold out for more Expendables/Escape Plan sequel team up movie action in the future, but for now, I am really enjoying seeing Schwarzenegger take on these deeper, more troubled characters, even if its just to see the rest of the world take him more seriously and give him the same deserved credit as an actor that I do.

Ok so back to Aftermath. without giving away too much away of the story, this is a feature with a lot of heart, and a movie that makes it all the more real and griping knowing that what we are seeing on screen is based on events that really happened. The music, the mood and even the saturated choice of colour, all work incredibly well to help try and put you in the mainframe of the characters involved and even make you question what you yourself might do in that same situation.
These are all traits that accompany a great movie and show good character development and film making and although Aftermath is a film that relies heavily on tone and build up, a brutal finale is what the movie inevitably leads up too, and a brutal finale that defiantly does not disappoint.

Overall, This is a movie for both Schwarzenegger’s fans and for people who just enjoy a good film, and one defiantly worth watching if you think Arnold is only good for over the top  helicopter crashing, machine gun fire and muscle flexing.
I thoroughly enjoyed this movie and not just because I am a crazed ‘Arnie’ fan (which I am…) but because I also really love great movies, and Aftermath is defiantly a movie that I would call great.
Aftermath gets released on June 19th, and I seriously suggest you grab yourself copy.
Pre-orders for Aftermath on DVD and Blu-Ray are available now from Amazon HERE

Words by Theo Cane
Insta @theo_cane_slimehouse_tv
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