Jason X Finally Unmasked In These Exclusive Set Photos!

Released in 2001, director James Isaac’s ‘Jason X’ left fans divided after he took the infamous slasher Jason Voorhees away from his usual Camp Crystal Lake stomping ground and gave him a whole new clientele of topless teens to slice and dice, only this time it was in outer space?!
Now although briefly pictured in a scene where Jason has his mask removed while thawing out after being frozen for hundreds of years, we never really got a good look at that gruesome grimace…
Until now! And if you are anything like us here at Slime House TV, not knowing what Jason’s face actually looked like under his mask in 2001’s Jason X is something you could really loose sleep over.

Jason X took place in the year 2455, and followed a very brief trend of bringing well known contemporary horror characters into a futuristic science fiction backdrop, usually taking place on some kind of space ship. This was seen in movie franchises such as Hellraiser, Critters and even Leprechaun!

Well thanks to Damon Bishop the effects artist that worked on the movie, we no longer have to live in wonder, as he recently provided these stunning images on his INSTAGRAM PAGE!
Finally we can now see Jasons X’s unmasked mug in all its grotesque glory!

Quite a bit different from the last time we saw Jason’s face in the toxic waste melt down finale of the 1989 sequel ‘Jason Takes Manhattan’ he seems to have much clearer skin this time around and has even grown his nose back?! But we do find out that in Jason X, Jason Voorhees has the power to regenerate, So this would all make perfect sense…. Yeah that’s right we are getting into REAL GEEK territory now.
Then again the continuity of this franchise has never been something the creators have been praised for, changes in Jason’s face, outfits and even details as subtle as the holes, straps and markings on his mask have always changed from movie to movie, so looking this deep into stuff is always probably going to leave you some what disappointed.

Either way, these images are great and it’s awesome to finally be able to see exactly what Voorhees really looked like under that mask in Jason X… I smell a Neca figure on its way.

Words by Theo Cane