Slime House TV @ HorrorCon UK – Ep02 – Linnea Quigley Interview

Slime House TV @ HorrorCon UK – Ep02 – Linnea Quigley
In a quick miniseries, we was given exclusive access to HorrorCon UK, we speak to fans, guests and traders!

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In this episode we sit down with the legendary  scream queen Linnea Quigley.
Most Famous for her roles in horror films like Return Of The Living Dead, Savage Streets and Night of The Demons (just to name a few, this groovy chick has acted in over 140 movies!) she continues to provide thrills and spills to this day.
A true icon of 80s cinema, we was honored to get the opportunity to sit down with her and have a chat all courtesy of the lovely people at HorrorCon UK!
Heres how we got on…

Created, Hosted & Edited by Theo Cane Garvey

Camera team
Alex Bentley
Matt Rowan Maw
Tavarna Garvey

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Occams Laser

John Sparxx

Tokyo Rose

Intro theme music by Cal Williams

Ident titles by Ricardo Lacombe