The Lowdown Shelter – Zombie Speical!

Slime House TV founder and host Theo Cane sits down with battle rap and UK hip hop veteran Respek BA to talk about current events and trending news topics from a top secret location known only as ‘The Lowdown Shelter’…

In todays society it seems zombies are everywhere, they are a huge part of todays pop culture, and dominate the screen with shows like AMC’s The Walking Dead and movies like World War Z, but why is that?! What is it about zombies that people love so much and how long will it be before we are we all zombied out?!
In this special episode we take a look a the zombie genre, covering everything from zombie, toys, games, movies, comics and more!

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Intro narration by Roxanne Bordeaux

Music by Occams

Special thanks to Dev Crawford

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