The first Trailer For ‘UNIT ELEVEN’ Has Arrived!

If you keep up to date with all things slime house, and have seen at least one of the episodes from our first season, you may be at least be a little bit familiar with ‘Unit Eleven’ The feature film made by our very own founder and host of Slime House TV Theo Cane Garvey! if not, check out a little bit more info HERE!

Well the first trailer for the movie has JUST dropped!
The movie is now in its final post production stages, and an Indiegogo crowd funding campaign has been set up to gather the last little bits of cold hard cash needed to complete the project!

So without further ado… we present the first trailer for Unit Eleven, we hope you enjoy it!!

You can find out more information HERE about the Indiegogo campaign and how you can help with donations, we really wanna see this film released this year so please take time to read and donate, every little helps! if not a share on your social media page also goes a long way too