Blanco Ldn.


Blanco Ldn are a super cool, brand new independent UK clothing company that are dedicated to creating top quality T. Shirts…
Why are they so super cool and special do you ask?!?… Well every single one of the tees they produce is based around a real life controversial event of person, Just check out their killer line on the story of Griselda Blanco titled ‘La Madrina’.

Blanco begins its SS16 celebration of power figures in popular culture with the La Madrina t shirt.
Featuring the iconic photo of The Godmother with her lover and business partner, Oakland street legend Charles Cosby taken in Dublin prison,CA where she was incarcerated in the summer of 1992.



Blanco LDN have also just released a super fresh new design, all based around the 1978 New York City Kidnapping of Calvin Kleins Daughter Marci Klein.

In 1978 New York was a dangerous place and anybody could get touched.

This was proved on February 28 when the daughter of rising fashion star Calvin Klein was abducted on her way to school by a former babysitter of the family and several accomplices.
The Marci tee shows the moment the CK heir was released from her kidnappers into the arms of her father, the intensity of the moment is clear.


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and you can also check out their Facebook by clicking HERE