Interview with Chrzu Lindström, Director of NightSatan and The Loops of Doom With Tavarna Caris


Back in 2014 at Celluloid Screams Horror film festival in Sheffield, I saw a 24 minute Mind blowing short film entitled ‘Night Satan and The Loops of Doom’ a thrilling post-apocalyptic Journey into the lives of a trio of stylized synth metal warriors called NightSatan. Set in the Finnish province of Karelia in 2034, the short is a Surreal, psychotronic inferno of insanity. Full of savage violence, eccentric characters and wonderfully vibrant visuals all set against a John Capenter-esque 1980s inspired soundscape. You can now watch ‘NightSatan and The Loops of Doom’ online and experience the adventure for yourself!

The film emerged from the imaginative mind of finish director Chrzu Lindström, whose vast adoration of cult, horror and genre film is clearly visible through his work. After meeting Chrzu at the screening, he gave me a Nightsatan badge and we have kept in touch ever since. I caught up with him this week to talk about his latest project, a NightSatan feature film which needs your help to become a reality!


How did you become Interested in Film making?

I’ve loved movies since I was a kid. I grew up on Hammer horror, Corman’s movies with Vincent Price and a whole lot of 80’s vhs cult stuff. I loved Star Wars as a kid, but a notable favorite movie of mine from when I was eight years old is Herzog’s Nosferatu. Since then I have ferociously watched movies and used them as an escape from the world of lame conformity. I wanted to be a comic artist. I did a serious underground round in the 90’s publishing my own fanzines etc. In 2000 I decided to go to animation school, which lead to +10 years of making animated short films. I also made a couple of live action music videos and at some point I just decided it’s time for me to make a live action short. Nightsatan and the Loops of Doom was my first.

How did you become involved with making NightSatan and The Loops Of Doom?

I knew the amazing synthesizer trio Nightsatan’s guys since they formed the band and I was their number one fan from the beginning. I got to create their first album covers for Midnight Laser Warrior and they scored my festival trailer for Espoo Ciné and my short documentary Outro. After that we just decided that we should make a music video for Nightsatan. When I started writing I created the band members’ retro futuristic alter egos, which they had named themselves. I realized that this would make a better film than a music video. So basically, I came up with the film and got everyone else involved.

What was the process of making NightSatan and the Loops of Doom like?

It was like a strange dream. I just couldn’t believe it. Every day was filled with wonder for the first half of the production. The fact that we actually got funded by Finnish Broadcasting Company, West Finland’s Film Commission and the Finnish Film Fund was such a great thing for us and the film. We actually had money to pay people for their work and we had time to focus on the film. We also had a lot of fun making the film, even if we worked steel diamond hard. Of course, we had our set backs and challenges, but that’s just a part of the game.


What can you tell us about the NightSatan feature film?

It will be the ultimate post-apocalyptic synthesizer adventure! It will be more insane, deeper and more synth than the short. It’s our love child. We will put our damned soul into that film and create a work of celluloid extravaganza that genre audiences deserve. It’s a satire. A dead serious film about a ridiculous world, which means that the audience gets to reflect their own lives. I want the film to introduce new gender conventions to the genre, deal with domestic abuse issues and generally turn a lot of things on their ass in the film. The Nightsatan feature wild be wild, fresh, entertaining and deep!

What filmmakers do you take inspiration from and Can you name some films which had a big impact on you ?

I love Jodorowsky, Herzog and Monthy Python. There are so many great film makers out there. I think they inspire me the most. Some of my more recent favorite film makers include Andre Ovredal, Can Evrenol, Quentin Dupieux, Fredrik Hana, Esa Jussila, Artturi Rostén and Anna Biller. Films that inspired me… well, here goes! Star Wars 4 A New Hope, Conan the Barbarian, Santa Sangre, El Topo, The Holy Mountain, Fargo, The Big Lebowski, Bad Lieutenant: Ports of Call New Orleans, The Wicker Man (original), Evil Dead 2, Ms. 45, Suspiria, Borgman, Inland Empire, Conquest, Frankenhooker, Street Trash, Basket Case, Desperate Living, Cyborg, Wake in Fright, First Blood, Marquis, Hardware, Baskin, RoboCop, Showgirls, Valhalla Rising, Pusher 2, The Devils, Lair of the White Worm. I could go on forever!


You also recently made a short film called ‘The Contract’ which is guaranteed to shock audiences!, what can you tell us about that film and how has the reaction been ?

The Contract is a short dragsploitation comedy, which is inspired by John Waters’ 70’s film work. My drag queen alter ego, the movie star Carlotta Moore makes her debut in the short. She plays a coke snorting housewife, who is driven crazy by her dog and a Jehova’s Witness harassing her. It was a zero budget film, but I was lucky to get my most trusted people to work on it with passion. And it shows in the film! Nightsatan made the music for The Contract and Svart Records published a pink 7 inch vinyl with the original soundtrack with the DVD. I think they’re not sold out yet, so get yours from Svart’s web store! The film is hilarious and insulting! We have already shot the sequel called The Consequence. It is in editing now.

And Finally what has been your favourite film this year?

Andre Øvredal’s The Autopsy of Jane Doe without a doubt. I love everything about it. I rarely get frightened watching horror films, but Jane is intense and scary in a true old school way. It has great writing, great cast, great idea! I want to see it again!

The Indiegogo capaim has just days left to reach it’s goal!, you can visit the page and donate here

Check out the rest of Nightsatan’s work below!

(link for Chrzu’s film The Contract)

Words by @tavarnacaris