Friday Foster Comes To Blu Ray!


88 Films have been bringing some absolute belters to blu ray. A load of Slimehouse favourites have been released – from The Toxic Avenger, to Zombi Holocaust, to Invasion USA. Nice work, guys!

One of their latest is blaxploitation classic Friday Foster. The lead role is played by Pam Grier, which is never a bad thing. In Jackie Brown and Coffy, Grier is exceptional, and she’s no different here.


The sexy icon plays a magazine photographer, who ends up witnessing an assassination attempt and become caught up in the following fall out.

The film is stereotypical blaxploitation, in the best way possible. There’s boobs, shootouts, car chases and mystery. The cast is ace – Eartha Kitt joins Pam Grier, alongside Yaphet Kotto, Scatman Crothers, and the late Godfrey Cambridge in his last movie role before his passing. The music is so good. There’s loads of wah-wah pedal and saxaphone licks, and the recurring “Friday, Friday, get it on” song that got stuck in my head for ages. The script has some classic quotes in there, with my personal favourite being: “Take my advice stay out of it. Get laid, have a baby or something!”

There’s a stand out scene for me, and it’s one of those ‘so shit that they’re amazing’ kind of scenes…


Friday Foster is at a fashion show, due to watch her friend perform. Opening the proceedings, Eartha Kitt introduces a dance group that come out and perform a routine. There’s nothing wrong with that. It’s just… The routine. It couldn’t be more wooden if it was a tree carving of Kristen Stewart. The girls have all got a face like thunder, and look as though they’re being forced to do it while chained to Jabba The Hut. It’s one of those moments that is so bad, that it’s brilliant. It didn’t set out to make me laugh out loud, but laugh out loud I did! I never knew it was possible to look so unhappy while a trumpet plays!

Check it out for yourself…

Another great scene is when they go to find somebody in a gay club. The film was released in 1975, and attitudes were a bit different to today, which is written all over this scene. It’s camp, colourful, and hilarious. Other highlights include her younger brother stealing gifts meant for her, a huge shootout at an airport, and a car chase in a stolen hearse. Plus, there’s the obligatory Pam Grier nude scenes!

Compared to Jackie Brown and Coffy, this isn’t as serious, but the lighter tone works so well. It’s an easy enough watch… It’s just really, really fun. It should be a welcome addition to any collection, whether you’re big on blaxploitation or not.

If you want to pick it up, you can get it from 88 Films HERE.