Check This Video Showing How ‘Mad Max: Fury Road’ Still Looks Amazing, Even Without CGI


Mad Max: Fury Road was a sick film. Brutally relentless, filled with action from start to finish, and never dropping below a speed that even Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock would struggle with. This is largely thanks to the incredible post-production CGI work that went into the movie.

Or is it…?

Check out this video showing the scenes minus their CGI after-effects. Unreal!

Generally speaking, I’m not a huge fan of CGI. There’s just something about the old-school method of creating effects that I really love. But in the modern industry, it comes as a standard that there will be a big budget put aside for the effects. That’s why I like this clip so much. It shows that the stunts are a lot more real than you might expect – Instead of just dangling about in front of a green curtain. In fact, the raw footage is good enough to stand alone.

Well played, George Miller. Well played.


HT: Bloody Disgusting.