Don’t Go To Sleep, And Prepare Yourself For ‘Night Terrors’


The world went momentarily mad for Pokemon Go recently. The hype seems to have died down a little bit now, but there’s still a number of people getting out and about, trying to catch a Squirlywiff and a Poopyplop or whatever. But how about instead of going out and looking for cute and fluffy little things – horrible and grim things… Come looking for you?

That’s exactly what’ll be happening when Night Terrors is released. Horror’s answer to Pokemon has actually been in the works for ages, with previews dropping over a year ago. Now it’s finally got a release date. Fittingly, the shit-scary game will be released this Halloween.

But what is it?

Well, according to Novum Analytics, who made the game…

Night Terrors is a highly immersive, photorealistic, binaural, augmented reality survival horror game for mobile devices.


It’s a blend between gaming, and horror movies. ‘Reality evolved’, is the term they’re coining for it. It’s a horror experience, more than a definite game, that happens via your phone. The augmented reality takes over your phone, maps your house, and scares the shit out of you. It will send you sinister text messages, make noises, move stuff, and show you freaky things (while not actually manipulating your phone, but it’ll appear that way). Using 3D audio it will make you hear shit, even sounding like it’s coming from another room if you wear headphones, which is impressive.

Whether it WILL actually be released in October remains to be seen, as sometimes these indiegogo projects fall short of their target dates… If they come out at all (P.T. – Silent Hills anyone?). But I can’t wait to check it out.

Scary shit chasing me around my own house, but not a burglar or anything. Happy days.