Check Out ‘Strange Vice’ For Your Horrory Needs

We recently bumped into Strange Vice at Horrorcon, and figured you’d probably like them as much as we do (if you don’t already).

When I say ‘bumped into’, what I mean is – ‘repeatedly revisited their stall, thumbing through hundreds and hundreds of blu rays, DVDs, VHS, and soundtrack LPs. There was SO much to choose from – it was unreal.


I really like the variety and choice that they’ve got, with loads of independent and lesser-known titles available. Collectors will enjoy looking through the catalogue because there’s a lot of unexpected gems, stuff you may have forgotton about, and things you may never have heard of.

The Shot On Video section is wicked. Things like American Gore Stories, Bath Salt Zombies and Class Of Nuke ‘Em High II caught my eye. There’s a lot in that section that I know very little about, but I’m sure if you’re a fan of SOV then there’ll be titles there for you.


The music section is brilliant. There’s loads of underground bands and stuff, which is always cool, but it’s the soundtracks section that really stands out. The Bride of Frankenstein soundtrack by Franz Waxman isn’t likely to pop up in HMV anytime soon. Neither is Jay Chattaway’s soundtrack LP for Maniac Cop 2. Or a Claudio Simonetti picture disc for the Demons soundtrack. So on and so on. Loads and loads of amazing soundtracks and movie scores, on both vinyl and CD.


I love blue rays. There’s the better picture and sound quality etc, but I really like the cases… They fit so much better on the shelves in my new bookcase! I know that they’re essentially just glorified DVD’s, but still. Anyway, they had a massive choice of them. From Bee’s, to Miami Connection, to Nekromantik, to the incredible Violent Shit boxset that they’ve just got in. The Death Wish 2 blu ray and media book is on my pick-up list, along with Cannibal Ferox and Lucio Fulci’s Cat In The Brain, which comes in an awesome glow-in-the-dark package.


If you like to read, they’ve got you covered. There’s shitloads magazines, from Cinema Sewer, to Creepy Images, to Shock Cinema. these are always cool to pick up and read through. Sometimes it’s nice to read things on a paper page, y’know? Book-wise, you can learn a great deal! The 2007 Nekromantik book looks at the controversy of the two films, and definitely looks like an interesting read. As does The X Factory, a book taking an in-depth look behind the scenes of the porn industry. Sweet!


Definitely give Strange Vice a look. I can’t emphasise enough – they’ve got fucking all sorts. Like, loads. I’ve saved their website as a favourite.

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