Cybertron Con 2016 Is Here!!!

A convention purely dedicated to Transformers and ran by hasbro… in China?!?! yes please!!!
Twitter users @Spikeart and @52 took pictures of the convention staff settign up CybertronCon 2016, Shanghai’s official Transformers convention, and thank the Quintessons that they did, because if these pics are anything to go by, then LEAKING LUBRICANT it looks unbelievable!.


Its looks like the The central hub houses a giant… and i mean GIANT statue of G1 Fortress Maximus in City mode!!!

1469627121-cybertroncon12 1469627121-cybertroncon07 13686743_10154375445922953_5442640257157239841_n 13669656_10154375445877953_6599331202615176713_n

Hopefully one day we get to go… Just imagine how amazing this place is gonna look when its finished!

1469627121-cybertroncon02 1469627121-cybertroncon01 1469627121-cybertroncon09 1469627121-cybertroncon10 1469627121-cybertroncon11

This is an official Transformers, Hasbro and Reed Pops event, so we can almost defiantly look forward to seeing some new toy and maybe even cartoon releases!… who’s as excited to see them as i am?!

1469627121-cybertroncon15 1469627121-cybertroncon14

Words by @THEO_CANE