Battle Rap Recap – Oshea VS Tony D 2012

Words By Dom Baugh

The match that saw the first ever Dont Flop Championion title defence, were Londoner Tony D stepped up to Liverpool battllerap veteran Oshea.


The battle took place at Don’t Flop’s 4th Birthday event, a class of the best of the best that featured other classic slug fests such as New Jersey native Arsonal vs Manchester rapper Shotty Horroh and Sheffield’s own Psychosis Holochaust against Florida battle rapper Madness.


Oshea was the victor just under a year previous in the first ever title match for Don’t Flop when he faced off against  Norwich based veteran Sensa on the Dont Flop ‘To The Test 10’ card. Not only was this the first ever title match in Don’t Flop, but it was also the first rematch in Don’t Flop history.
When it was announced that Oshea was going to be defending his title against Tony D their were mixed emotions amongst the fans as some thought that Newcastle based spitter Deffinition should’ve got the chance to snatch the title from Oshea before Tony, instead Deffinition took on former secondary school teacher/poet turned battle rapper Mark Grist and the title shot went to Tony D. Although at the time Oshea had a tonne more battles under his belt, (more than most to be honest, with  14 wins and 11 loses) Tony had recently not only released a very well recieved ‘Dont Flop Webham’ video, but he was also on a small rampage of his own, beating everyone he had been put up against in a short space of time bringing his own battle tally up to an impressive 8 wins and 1 loss. This in turn brought both spitters to the forefront of the 4th Birthday event, were there title match was rightly advertised one of the headlining face offs of the weekend.12495948_10153787707538387_7819422489054661582_o

Oshea chose to go first and started off, just as Oshea always does, by quickly grasping the crowds attention with his witty jokes and hilarious punchlines. Tony D followed and started drilling Oshe by emulating his writing style and breaking the type of verses Oshea writes and showing everyone how allot of what oshea writes can be said to not makes sense.
Oshea went on in his second round to talk to all the new style of rappers saying that the majority of the new styes in battle rap are all bullshit and that regardless of his lines not always making sense, he doesnt care, he does what e does and that he won’t change for (as he quotes)

“the snapback wearing faggots and American guys”.

In the second round Oshea spits my personal favourite bar of the battle…

“I’m Oshea, mum joke rapper, I’ll grab your cancer riddled nan and blow a blunt smoke at her”.

Oshea also has a very good ‘Anold Schwarzengger’ scheme, naming several of the hollywood action starts movies and turning it into a funny and creative way to diss his apponent Tony D. This is a fornula that was fairley new and inventive at the time.

Tony D’s second round featured a great line about Oshea’s favourite football team, Everton…

”in a room full of women he feel (Phil) Neville and he fell ain’t he (Fellaini)’

Over all This match was an amazing display of UK talent from both sides of the map, and after a lengthy debate between a panel of 7 judges (all of which are certified veterans in both battle rap and hip hop themselves ) the battle was give in favour of Tony D with a decision of 5-2 who was in turn crowned the brand new Don’t Flop champion.