The Age Of Roth?

Eli Roth and Jim Carrey team up in Aleister Arcane adaption! AND Roth to direct revamp of 70s vengeance classic DEATH WISH.

Eli Roth Director/Writer/Producer/Actor (Hostel I&II, Knock Knock, Inglorious Basterds…) is beginning work on two major new projects, both of them re-workings of old classics.


The first is a film adaption of the Aleister Arcane comic series, by writer Steve Niles and artist Breehn Burns, from IDW publishing. The plot centers around Aleister Green, a LA weatherman, returning to his hometown Jackson to host a midnight horror, in which he plays the character of a mad-scientist, going by the name of Aleister Arcane. Aleister dies soon after being forced into retirement by authorities. Leaving in his wake a curse that brings about unexplainable terror throughout the town.

Eli Roth is taking on the job for Stephen Speilburg’s Amblin Entertainment, and independent film company Mandeville Films. But the project was initially taken up by Paramount in 2004 (when the comic was first published,) then it was scrapped after the rights lapsed. (some sources are associating the film with DreamWorks also.)

The film tells the story of a group of children who befriend a bitter old man, Aleister Arcane, whose soul is broken when parents shun him and remove his young friends. When Aleister dies only the children have the power to end the curse that has been laid upon the town.

The film is still in the early stages of development, and a full fixed cast is yet to be announced. But we have heard that Jim Carrey will make his horror debut as protagonist Aleister Arcane!


No Trailer, no nothing as yet, but keep your eyes on this one; it’s set to be fucking smash!

As well as Aleister Arcane, Roth is directing the modern revamp of the 1974 classic Death Wish. The film will star Bruce Willis as the protagonist, a well-to-do father who turns rogue vigilante, when his family is ripped apart in a violent act – originally played by Charles Bronson.



Both of these films reflect a desire from Roth to broaden his filmic repertoire and move away from his forte of gory, indie horror and into mainstream studio fare. I would expect some Burtonesque flares in Aleister Arcane, and that Roth’s Death Wish will take inspiration from his mentor Tarentino and the 70s grind house genre.