David The Rock Nelson Gets His Own Documentary On VICE… And It’s Incredible!

Words by Theo Cane

David the ROCK Nelson, has been many things, a Golden Gloves boxing champion (three decades actually – the only person to ever do it), a former USA Marine, a Preacher, a door to door dictionary salesman even a cancer survivor! But in my opinion, his greatest title of them all, without a shadow of a doubt, is David The Rock Nelson, the independent Film Maker!

After leaving Bible College in the early 90s, David decided to fulfil his life long dream of making monster movies. Armed with just a home video camera, a novelty Sadam Hussein mask and a heart full of imagination and ambition, The Rock got stuck straight into what was in most cases was a one man production to create his first ever feature film ‘Dracula VS Sodom Insane’.
Since then a whole ‘Genre’ if you will, of his very own shot on home video monster movies have flooded out of his Chicago home, where he works from his ‘bloody basement’ of Horror, to shoot, edit, distribute and even star in movies with names such as  ‘The Devil Ant’ and ‘The Giant Horny Toad Monster.


One thing I love about The Rock, is his drive and ambition, throughout his entire career, his movies have been given bad reviews, and even when everyone (including his own parents) told him it was time to knock his dream of becoming a director on the head, he has always refused to listen. When receiving critical feedback that would make most directors bury their heads in the sand forever, he just uses it as fuel for his ever burning fire to keep bringing out more and more low budget independent horror movies decade after decade.
His refusal to use computers to edit his footage, or to let his lack of budget stop him from creating his ambitious story lines will always be one of his most defining and refreshing attributes, The Rock is strictly old school, and in a world crammed with CGI, GO-Pros, and 4K… sometimes its just nice to have a little bit of old school back.

‘I don’t need a computer to make a movie i never have, I just stick a tape in my video camera and shoot the dang thing!’


Earlier this year I attempted to contact David myself, and just as I expected. He was as approachable, friendly and willing to talk about his movies in great detail as I had always hoped!
David is my kinda guy – he loves monster movies and classic retro toys and Godzilla, and I found myself talking back and forth with him for hours online about anything and everything film related.
Getting on with him so well, and having so much in common, it seemed only a natural progression that I would ask him to get involved in series 2 of our Slime House TV show, to which he willingly agreed and sent a parcel to me here in the UK crammed with tonnes of exclusive footage for us to feature in our upcoming second series!


It was obviously then to my excitment when I logged onto YouYube yesterday to see that the one and only VICE team had brought out a documentary on him!? How cool is that?!?!
David had mentioned to me this was coming out, but I didn’t realise it was gonna be this soon! I immediately dropped everything and watched it straight away!
The documentary captures all the energy and magic of everything David has created over the years and i am so happy to see that he is getting a little bit of lime light after being shunned and disregarded as a film maker for so long, and with a platform as big as Vice wanting to give him coverage, it looks like things can only be getting bigger and better for my dude The Rock :)


David is however no stranger to documentaries, or to talking on camera for that matter with November Fire exclusive ‘The Rock Ed Wood Of The 21st Century’ DVD (available here) which captures some great moments with the man himself, and regular annual appearance on American network WGN its seems he’s slowly but surely getting the upmost respect he dearly deserves and just to know this guy in the little capacity i do makes me feel very honoured.

David The Rock Nelson  on  ‘The Jon Stewart Show’ in 1994

So please take just half an hour out of your day to sit down and give this documentary a watch, David is one of the nicest, genuine and most REAL people I have ever spoken to, his brain works like nobody else I have ever met and his child like approach to his work and his life is completely heart warming. I think its safe to say that we need more people like The Rock.

Please look out for David The Rock Nelson in Season 2 of Slime House TV coming soon!

Words by Theo Cane
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