Tales From The Crypt Is Coming Back!

words by @lolajosephine



The ALL NEW, and long-time beloved, TALES FROM THE CRYPT is back on our screens in 2017!

The mind behind the revamp project is director, producer and screenplay writer M. Night Shyamalan who has gotten the greenlight to go ahead with a 10 episode series from the TNT network – who have presumably bought the rights from HBO – on their new “horror block” which airs next year.

Writer & Director M Night Shyamalan

Shyamalan soothed fan concerns when he announced that the Crypt Keeper will still be there to invite us into more spookish anecdotes. BUT he/she may not be the OG Crypt Keeper fans know and love. Revamping the Keeper might just be a step too far in the eyes of die-hard fans. The original Keeper, voiced by John Kassir, remains under the protection of HBO copyright, which is a serious disappointment. This is a major problem as the Crypt Keeper is a relic from Tales From the Crypt’s original incarnation as a 1950s EC Comics series.


According to numerous sources, including an article on Rolling Stone, the show will use free online fiction site Wattpad for plot inspiration and may handpick writers directly from the from the site. This is being celebrated as something that makes the show more accessible to fans, which is true. Then again the lack of a direct submission platform to the TNT network or the producers of “horror block” is actually a bit of a cop out.


There is already a huge back catalogue of fiction on Wattpad, so writers looking to submit directly to the show won’t be getting any priority. This seems like a lazy move by Shyamalan (who is a writer himself,) and the team at TNT. While the head of Wattpad studios Aron Levitz has said that this represents a ‘real opportunity’ for aspiring writers, in terms of pay for these ideas, Levitz has simply said that writers “will take part financially,” which sounds stingy as. The Wattpad brand will inevitably benefit from connections with established companies such as TNT. Ultimately this looks like a way of keeping profit at the top, and, essentially, ripping ideas from the minds of fresh blood writers at minimum cost and effort to the TNT network.