B Magic vs Iron Solomon – Slime House TV Battlerap Recap!

This epic slug-fest took place on Canadian soil for world wide renowned battle rap federation King Of The Dot (or ‘KOTD’  for short), and was hosted by the one and only and ‘Organik’, former battler and owner of the KOTD platform.


The showdown took place at KOTD’s prestige ‘Massacre 2’ event and believe us when we say that this show was crazy!
With battles taking place such as Head I.C.E vs Bigg K and Hollow Da Don vs Pat Stay this was already set to be a certified moment in battle rap history, and throwing Iron Solomon and B Magic into the mix just made it that bit more legendary.


Iron Solomon came back to battle rap after a good few years hiatus with a poorer performance than expected vs Murda Mook back in 2013, which took place at the URL”s Summer Madness 2 event which was arguably the biggest battle rap event ever – with returns from other well known Smack DVD battlers such, Serious Jones and E Ness, unfortunately however the the battle between Iron and Murda was one that, in the end came off on Iron’s behalf, a little disappointing.

After this, Iron went on to battle the most controversial battler in the world, the spawn mask face tatted shotgun-toting  ‘Daylyt’ on the World Domination 5 card, a performance to which Iron made a massive improvement on his clash with moo and showed us how he had now come back to to this  thing properly and that this time, he really wasn’t fucking around!


With better bars and more confidence in  the Daylyt battle, Iron Solomon then went on to battle one of the biggest names in battle rap, the INFAMOUS ‘Dizaster’. A legend in the battle rap scene, Dizaster has been battling since the early days of Grind Time, and stood out over everybody else with his tall stature and vicious machine gun style rapping that was body bagging battle rappers left right and centre at events all over the world!
Dizaster also battled on the TV show ‘Road to Total Slaughter’ hosted by ‘Slaughterhouse’ the rap group, and Eminem!
Diz has also battled some of the biggest names in the world of mainstream rap music including Cassidy and Canibus.
However Iron stood his ground and gave back an equally powerful performance against Diz, and this combined with his previous performance against Mook, showed us that Iron Solomon was back on top form and it seemed that he was now, more than ready for that KOTD stage!


B Magic, a battler from St Louis, most known for his vicious punch lines has not had the best performances in his last few battles, he has been choking (forgetting his lines) and not performing as good as we all know him too when he is on top form.
The St Louis native has had interviews stating that he is losing the love for battle rap and that is why he hasn’t been preparing properly for his recent clashes. This obviously meant that the fans were sceptical weather or not in this battle with solomon was going to be worth watching, however it was quite clear after just a few bars of the show that both Iron and B Magic were there to do some serious damage…


B Magic went first and started punching right out of the gate and fans both in the crowd and on the live stream PPV were pleasantly surprised and happy to see him back on top form the way we always like to see him, taking heads off!!!

One of my favourite lines of the onslaught came from Magic when he said…

‘Keep your homies quiet cos this Hawk I (Hawkeye) got tucked in the sweats, is my avenger… leave Ironman plugged in his chest’

Iron Solomon went through his first and was performing well. I felt that B Magic took his foot off the gas in the second and I felt that Iron really stepped his shit up.
Controversially, a lot of fans watching the battle on the live stream thought that Iron Solomon switched his third and second rounds because of how good B Magics first was and I agree because lots of third rounds since the Aye Verb and Hitman Holla battle have become the ‘Talk to your opponent’ round which means that you almost have a heart to heart with your opponent, breaking down their real life and how to become a better father or talking about real life struggles ect. This was the approach that Iron Solomon took in the second which is what made everyone question “Did he switch up the order of his rounds?”. Either way it worked great!

I gave the third round again to B Magic as he ended strong and I don’t think Iron Solomon had enough in the end to get this round, in my oppinion anyway.
Overall I gave the battle 2-1 to B Magic, but neither of these titans gave a bad performance, and was gassed to see them both back at the top of their game.
Shouts to Organik again for putting on such a legendary mashup and to the whole KOTD family for bringing us amazing free entertainment time and time again.
Watch the full battle below!!!

Who do you think won? Are there any battles you would like us to recap let us know on our Facebook page facebook.com/Slimehouse tv and we will see what we can do!!

Words by Dom Baugh