If You Haven’t Heard Of This Director, Where Have You Been?!

Words By @mattnfreck

Where do I start with someone like Todd Sheets?
The man, the myth, the legend! Todd sheets has done it all – with 41 movies to credit to his name since he begin his film making journey in 1985, Todd has been making movies in his own beautiful and unique style for over 30 years, and his trademark sheer insanity and bloodshed has no were near stopped yet…

Todd Sheets has made so many classics that the list is now pretty hard to keep track of, and after speaking to him recently in prep for this here article, its safe to say his heart is still as in it as ever, if not even more so now than when he first started!
30+ years on pumping blood into the SOV scene there’s so many personal favourites of mine that I will go over a just a few of them without dropping any spoilers …
(see my previous article HERE for more info on the history of SOV movies are and what are the best ones to watch out for)

Zombie Bloodbath (1993) 

“A Meltdown in a towns nuclear power plant turns its local residents into lethal flesh loving monsters,  preying on blood and guts, can only turn into one thing…a gory rampage!!!”

Probably one of my favourite movies from Todd, this one was made early on in his career and you have got to give the guy props for in my opinion literally making one of THE best SOV Zombie movies around.
It’s an all out gore fest with blood and guts everywhere, the retro vibe is perfect, the casting for the time period was always great and the effects, well they still stand out amongst fans today as being some of the most impressive ever seen at the time!
Todd really turned a corner in the scene with this one and is definitely one to check out if you have not see it already!

Nightmare Asylum (1992) 

After speaking to Todd about this article, he warned me he wasn’t a fan of anything he made before 93, but personally I loved the hell out of this movie and had to give it a mention!
Its clear that a lot of love went into the creation of this fun film , a cool concept filled with awesome ideas include a giant mouse trap, clear nods to Texas Chainsaw Massacre, crazy inmates running amok around an insane Asylum, and buckets of blood… after all this is  todd sheets movie!
This is one worth checking out even if its just for the giant mouse trap scene.

Goblin (1993)

Genital Mutilation, a drill through the eye and a Goblin in stonewash jeans tearing the shit out of people… What more could you ask for?!

If we are talking about my personal Todd Sheets favorites  ‘Goblin’ is definitely up there!
In what looks like ‘Andreas Schnaas’ taking a trip the U.S for a weekend (an equally messed up Director and actor from Germany) Todd goes nothing short of balls to the walls with this movie the gore is incredible and the accompanying thrashing rock tracks throughout the film fit suitably well.


Violent New Breed (1997)

“A Brutal Look at the future.. “

‘Violent New Breed’ is often Hailed as Todd’s most extreme work to date and I couldn’t agree more,…

The film is set in New York, where a grim future depicts the majority of the city’s population as wild fiends for a new drug called ‘Rapture’, while a hard nose cop and a local mish-mash task force plan to take it all down!
This movie, again is one of my personal favourites and to see the human tornado himself, “Rudy Ray Moore”, kicking ass in a all out gore-fest is more than enough to make me want to revisit this movie time and time again!
Todd himself has a heart as big as his directorial list and his passion shows with every movie he produces, the sheer love and insanity he puts out is outstanding to a point it has to be seen to be believed!
Violent New Breed is 2hrs of beautiful visuals for the eyes, great music  for the ears and brutal gore for the barf bag – this one has it all!

The Shivers AKA Splatter Asylum (1998) 

What do you call group of people throwing a house warming party in an old mansion turned nightclub? Well, in Shivers they call it the perfect scenario for a bunch of resurrected demonic ghosts to turn up and fuck shit up!

The story is simple, but it works perfectly and the film not only shows off Todds directorial skills, but also again shows of his love for all things gore and splatter!
The movies cast are incredible and when I watched this movie for the first time I was truly  blown away by how impressive everything was. It’s easily one of his best works to date

House of Forbidden Secrets (2013) 

Two Words – Mind blowing!


Todd dropped a BANGER with this one. The entire movie is in another league and is head and shoulders above a lot of other movies that came around the same time.
House Of Forbidden Secrets has everything from an awesome story completely written, produced, directed by Todd himself, a cast that gelled like a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and gore effects that are grade A perfection (in my opinion anyway). It’s like Todd knew what was needed and made it on demand for his fan, and obviously for that, I have to salute him !!!

“Jacob Hunt has had some very bad breaks in life. His wife left him, his friends have all abandoned him, and his children barely see him! However now Jacob has been given an amazing gift and just the chance he needs to get back on his feet and start anew.
Jacob has landed the job of overnight security officer at the old Shadow View Manor an old mansion that has now been turned into a commercial office and retail building.
However….Jacob is about to learn that nights around the old Manor contains many secrets. A dark past that is slowly breaking through the boundaries of time an unknown evil that is leaking into this dimension, and as luck would have it, Jacob’s first night on the job is the anniversary of a dark tragedy that has inevitably stained the history of the building”


Honourable mentions also goes to these master pieces that are deffo worth looking up …

‘Catacombs’ (2000) &  ‘Moonchild’ (1994), Also ‘Spirits’ (2014) and his Segments on both HI-8 (The Request) and his new short on HI-DEATH (The Muse)

I will also just leave this here …

Words By @mattnfreck