Is This Terrifying Treo The New Set Of Faces To Haunt Our Nightmares? We Cannot Wait For 80’s Inspired Slasher Horror Movie ‘The Barn’!!!

Words By @lolajosephine


This upcoming horror centers on trio Sam (Mitchell Musolino), Josh (Will Stout), and Michelle (Lexi Dripps.) With the tagline: ‘On Halloween Night the Legend of The Barn awakens.’ Sam, Josh, Michelle (and a few buddies) fight off the evil forces of: ‘Hallow Jack’, ‘Candycorn Scarecrow, and ‘The Boogey-Man’, when the crew takes a detour on their way to a Halloween rock concert. Already we hope for something nostalgically retro, cliché, kitsch, ghoulish, gory and horrific.


Perhaps when you see that the film uses the classic 80s horror style and tropes you’re concerned. There is fair reason to be, attempts at 80’s remakes are renowned as shitty disappointments. Take the recent remake of Evil Dead (2013,) or Carrie (2013) OR ‘The Amityville Horror’ (2005.) But in this case there are high hopes.
The trailer is invitingly violent, full of stylized prosthetic gore and some awesomely authentic narration – the whole thing has a kinda Grind House-esque tone to it.
This isn’t the kind of Grind House homage made by Tarantino and Rodriguez, which are heavily inspired by films like ‘Night of the Comet’ (1984.) This film, with its over-the-top prosthetic gore and classic teen set-up, seems to be some ingenious, unholy medley of the original Evil Dead (1981) and Fright Night (1985.)

Director Justin. M. Seaman uses his own screenplay, with additions from Maggi Mizell & Michael Prutzman, which promises a unity of vision we rarely get in today’s cinema.
So far the film has done pretty well in the awards too; winning Best Feature and Best Cinematography at The Crimson Screen Horror Film Fest 2016, where it was also nominated for: Best Director, Best Produced Screenplay (feature length), Best Actor (Mitchell Musolino) and Best Actress (Lexi Dripps) It also won Best Original Score at the Underground Monster Carnival (2015.)
The US release date is yet to be confirmed, but it will be some point this year, it is currently in post-production stages. Nevermore Productions have opened an indiegogo site to help with finishing costs, where you can trade your cash in for anything from an original signed still of cast member, to a signed special collection VHS of the film.

Words by @lolajosephine