Only The Most Hardcore Of Film Fans Will Recognise This List Of The Ultimate Shot-On-Video Disasterpieces!

SOV movies (Shot on Video tapes, as apose to film, Digital HD ect) have been around for a good 40 years now, but are they the Lost Genre?


Well, what I’ve learnt over my many years of digging through the internet looking for weird and wonderful titles to add to my ever growing collection, is that they are the diamonds in the rough. Very low budget, crudely created and although primaraly made in the 80s and 90s feature effects that still stand out to this day and are riddled with crazy content that still seems to pull in audiences decade after decade.
With SOV movies becoming more and more popular in recent times, I’ve complied a MUST SEE list for you guys to track down, so here in all its glory, I present to you my personal essential ‘watch list’ of hidden gems that are all completley shot on good old fashioned video cassette.

Blood Cult (1985 Christopher Lewis)
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Do you like watching Female college students get slaughtered so their body parts can be used for ritual blood sacrifices? Of course you do! Who doesnt?!
Well one person doesn’t. His name is Detective Ron, and when he hears about the horrific goings on around the college campus he sets out to put an end to the evil doings of this strange devil worshipping cult that is all so obsessed with kidnappeing and chopping up college girls. One of my faves – get it watched!

 Video Violence (1987 Gary Cohen)

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An unsuspecting couple move to a small town where they set up their own business as the new owners of a video rental shop, everything is going fine…. Until they discover their new neighbours and residents might like horror movies, just a little TOO much.

The Abomination (1986 Brett Mccormick)

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When a women finds out she has a tumor she seeks the help of a preacher to help her try and bless it away. But when she starts uncontrollably vomiting shortly afterwards, she knows something isn’t right… Enter THE ABOMINATION!!!
Get ready for an awesome SOV Creature Feature believe me when I say this one is gold!

Zombie Bloodbath (1983 Todd Sheets)

OK I’ll give you three guesses what this one is about…

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Todd Sheets is in my opinion one of the best Low Budget Indie SOV movie directors of all time, and in this rarely talked about compendium we see a display of what in my opinion some of the coolest low budget Zombie action ever!
An absolutely mind melting Shlockfest is this one, definitely not to be missed!

Splatterfarm (1987 Polonia Brothers)

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If Texas Chainsaw Massacre was made with an even lower budget you would get Splatterfarm… But dont let this put you off, this is easily another one of my favourite SOV movies of all time!!

Alien Beasts (1991 Carl J Sukenick)

Warning: Blood, Violence and Nudety! So all the good stuff then, yeah?!

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King of the SOV Movies Carl J Sukenick is a wizard when it comes to low budget, completley messed up, bat shit craziness – and that’s a good thing!!! You are seriously missing out if you dont give this one a peep. Cia Agents, Aliens, Martial Arts…. Just watch the fucking thing!
Tales From the Quadead Zone (1987 Chester Novell Turner)

And the award for the shittest shot straight to shiteo video cover of all time goes to….

thumbnail_C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_tales_from_the_quadead_zone_by_cartoonlover16-d4qkafz.jpg

Tales Of The Quadead Zone has caused an insane stir online over the past 10 years due to its rarity in it original VHS format.
The original tape of this movie (on the rare occasion that one shows up on ebay) actually sells for hundreds world-wide, making it pretty much the holy grail amongst video tape collectors.
Three crazy stories and a wrap around make up this legendary collection of cheap tacky goodness, and if you CAN track a copy down its definitely a must see, even if it’s just to say you have!!!

Violent Shit (1989 Andreas Schnaas)

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I couldn’t have a list without at least mentioning this totally weird and wild German splatterfest. A deranged killer wearing a Medieval style metal helmet escapes from police custody and goes on a violent rampage of death and destruction. Serious mother and father issues are his only motive as he hacks up anyone he crosses paths with!
If you love 80s slashers, then I’d deffo recommend adding this tastey number to your fucked up little movie collection.
The Soultangler (1987 Pat Bishow)
A poor mans Re-Animator, but still an insanely good gore-fest, complete with zombies and an all so essential mad proffesor!
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Scientist Anton Lupesky thinks he’s got it all worked out – that is until he realises that his newly invented soul freeing drug that allows people to possess the bodys of dead corpses has, how can we say it…. A few niggly side effects.

And finally…..
Fine Housekeep (2015 Trashmonger Video / Trevor Bather)
Rivalling ‘Tales of the Quadead Zone’ with the shittiest video cover art of all time…
thumbnail_C__Data_Users_DefApps_AppData_INTERNETEXPLORER_Temp_Saved Images_Fine Housekeep poster
The last movie in this list, is also the most recently released one. Made in 2015 by the guys at ‘Trashmonger Video’ they show us with this movie how they are doing everything they can to not only keep the SOV genre alive, but also bringing something new and inventive to it.
This film is an eerie piece of work made on a budget of just $100. It features a strange array of psycadelic imagery and dreamy stock footage, and to be honest this movie plays more like an hour long feverish music video than a film with any kind of cohesive script –  largley due to its lack of dialogue.
The film however is still extremely engrossing, especially if you are into arthouse and transgressive cinema, and with just 159 views currenty on the full film on Trashmonger’s official youtube channel, its safe to say this movie is definitely getting slept on and its these kinda people us fucked up shot on video movie lovers should all be supporting.
Basically it is MAJORLY undergroun , and that’s the stuff that always eventually ends up getting discovered and becomes the new subject of conversation for all the ‘cool’ hipster kid types to talk about… So why not get in and watch it before all the other fucktards do ;)
Honorable mentions also go out to directors, Olaf Ittenbach, Polonia Brothers, Todd Sheets , Andreas Schnaas and for more info on this kinda crazyness make sure you peep these guys on facebook they make some awesome modern day SOV movies and personally I cant support dudes like this enough!
Wave Productions
Trashmonger Studios
Sick Slice CinemaWords by @mattnfreck & @theo_cane_garvey