You Might Have Seen Tokyo Gore Police, But Have You Seen This?!

 You want a back story on the Flesh Key / Engineer in Tokyo Gore Police, well look no further …
Anatomia Extinction (1995) Genkai jinkô keisû from Director Yoshihiro Nishimura.ae3Yoshihiro Nishimura, the mastermind behind Tokyo Gore Police, made this early short in 1995 and although it hasn’t got the all out gore fest and bloodshed that is shown in the latter – it shows you the story behind the Key and how Tokyo Gore police made it onto the screens today.anatomia-extinction Nishi10

Clocking in at 54 minutes long it shows a lot that we probably didn’t get from Tokyo Gore Police, side stories, theories smashed and of course a little bit of the serious brutality that Yoshihiro is famous for. The story has the Engineer and the Flesh Key and it goes with the lead being infected from a brief encounter with an engineer and the flesh key and he is slowly mutating, it shows a lot of promise from Yoshihiro .


Anatomia Extinction from 1995 came out during the boom period of such releases like Tetsuo and Tokyo Fist, Industrial Action/ with Extreme Sublimit imagery and flash photography used help boost the releases but Anatomia was left in the shadows due to it being a short release from the director.


Alone, we can see the ideas of where Tokyo Gore Police came from, but clearly this is the early work of a Japanese visionary in the making. You can watch one after the other as well as 68 Minutes Later (Another Side Story to Tokyo Gore Police) which I will touch on soon, these clearly are not the same but tells the story of the flesh key.
It’s a good homage / nod to many movies like Death Race 2000 and of course to set the scene to Tokyo Gore Police, and if your a fan of AJPW or New Japan Pro Wrestling or NOAH keep your eyes peeled as it is riddled with familiar faces like Kensuke Suzuki..


Definitely not a masterpiece, but its rarity shows why Yoshihiro should of definitely gotten more work early on in his career this showed a lot of love and vision, and was a work of art when it came out in 1995. If you loved Tetsuo you will love this and of course if you loved Tokyo Gore Police, it fits like a cheap Swedish leather glove.
Hunt down a copy, as although its rare, it is English subtitled.

Written  for Slime House TV by @mattnfreck