Disney VHS Tapes Are Worth THOUSANDS???


There’s been a number of articles popping up online recently claiming that some Disney videos are worth tens of thousands.

But are they?

Well, no, they’re not. They’re barely worth ten quid.

VHS collectors everywhere have been outraged and amused in equal measure by the dickhead claims that these VHS tapes are worth a lot of money, because they so rare and collectable – because they’re just not.

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 15.37.40

The ‘Black Diamond Collection’ tapes are really NOT worth much money at all. Everyone has got them. But for some reason people have been told otherwise and are trying to sell them online for a fortune.



So, what are these actual collectors that have several of these ultra-rare, super-collectable, worth-thousands VHS tapes been doing with them? Cashing them in? Selling for enough money to buy a house? Donating them to museums?

No. Fucking DESTROYING THEM!13393063_10154274536631204_1677828780_n13384686_10154274535981204_2072369713_n13407426_10154275146151204_896665036_n

Let’s be honest, this is funny. It’s a big middle finger being stuck up to these dickheads trying to cash in on stuff that just isn’t worth a thing. But not everybody has a sense of humour, and these pictures keep getting reported and taken off Facebook, thanks to die hard Disney fans that are spitting their dummy out (they shouldn’t do that, their dummies could be worth thousands!).

For anybody thinking it’s just in America, it’s not. British people are selling the these videos at as ridiculously discounted price…

Screen Shot 2016-06-09 at 16.11.49

So there we go. Myth busted. Diamond Back Disney VHS tapes aren’t worth shit, despite what eBay prices might tell you. That’s why these high prices aren’t being met, and a highest bid of $25 is as good as they’re getting. So keep smashing them up, taking pics, and pissing off Disney fans.