Ten Saturday Morning Cartoons You Probably Forgot Existed…

It was a time of air guitar-strumming intro music and outlandish mutated anti heroes. It was the 80s and 90s, and right here, right now, we are gonna look at ten of our favourite ever Saturday morning cartoon shows… Ever!

1. Skeleton Warriors.

On the planet of Luminaire, Prince Lightstar and his team fight to protect the second half of the Lightstar Crystal from the evil Baron Dark and his undead goons.


Originally airing in 1993 and running for just 13 episodes, this was a majorly underrated tv that was, like most shows at the time, accompanied by a kick ass toy line from Playmates.


2. Toxic Crusaders.

Originally spawning from an R-Rated TROMA movie series called ‘The Toxic Avenger’ created by legendary independent movie pioneer Lloyd Kaufman, this show was reinvented for Saturday morning kids TV. It featured our hero ‘Toxie’, along with a whole team of rag-tag, hideously deformed creatures of super human size and strength as they protected their home town of Tromaville from the sinister Dr. Killemoff and his Radiation Rangers.


The show only ran only 13 episodes in 1990 to 1991, and also featured an awesome toy line from Playmates, one or more of these was usually found in most kids toy boxes during the 1990s.


3. Mummies Alive.

Originally airing in 1997 and running for 42 episodes, ‘Mummies Alive’ told the story of Presley Carnovan – a young boy living in modern day San Fransisco. After he discovers he is the reincarnation of the son of an ancient Egyptian pharaoh, and all of a sudden an ancient evil sorcerer awakes and decidedes he wants to use Presley to make himself immortal, it becomes up to his new bodyguard squad – Ja-Kal, Rath, Armon and co to protect Presley from Scarabs evil clutches!


This was a great show with lots of potential, and its a shame it never saw more than one series. An equally cool toy line was also released by Kenner at the same time.


4. Mighty Max.

Who could forget Mighty Max?! Those awesome toys of monsters faces that open up into a whole miniature adventure playset full of crazy and twisted character?! Almost every nineties kid will have had at least one of these things…


Why don’t they make these anymore?

Anyway… This was the TV show that accompanied the toy line, and it featured Max and his friends Virgil and Norman on their many adventures again villain Skullmaster and ran for two seasons between 1993 and 1994.


5. Bots Master

Young Robotics engineer genius Ziv Zulander ‘Z.Z. for short’ AKA the ‘Bots Master’ and his Team of robot allies AKA ‘B.O.Y.Z.Z’, wage war agains the evil ‘RM Corp’ in a show that featured one of the coolest hip hop intro music themes for any cartoon show ever!


A toy line was released by C&D featuring most of the main cast, and the show ran for just one season in 1993.


6. Biker Mice From Mars

‘The Biker Mice from Mars’ were, well… Mice… From Mars… On bikes. They’re now on earth after having their home planet ravaged by ‘Plutarkians’ with their new found female accomplice Charley fighting against the twisted mind of Plutarkian in disguise Lawrence Limburger, and stop him from doing the same to Earth as his race did to their planet. This awesome show that originally ran for three seasons in 1993 was followed up by a whole new series in 2006!


The toy line that accompanied the show was made by Galoob and featured tonnes of awesome action figures, motorbikes and playsets, and again was one that could be found in almost every boys bedroom in the 1990’s.


7. Street Sharks

Shows about mutant animal teams are doing well – whats not been done?…. Sharks?…. Ok make that shit!
However, this show was far from shit and the adventures of the ‘Street Sharks’ went on to be one of the coolest shows of the 90s!


Ripster, Jab, Big Slammu and Streex, their arch nemesis Dr Paranoid and a load of other outlandish deep sea dwelling mutant mothers were all of course also created in action figure form and the toy line released by Matell were even certified by Vin Diesel himself!


The escapades of ‘Team Jawesome ran for 3 seasons between 1994 and 1997.


8. Extreme Dinosaurs

Closely linked the the Street Sharks was another Show… ‘Extreme Dinosaurs’, which also featured a team of four muscled up meatheads, this time in the shape of… Would you believe it… Dinosaurs.


The show ran for just 1 season, comprised of 52 episodes in 1997.


9. Bucky O’Hare and the Toad Wars

When young boy Willy DuWitt is transported from earth into the middle of an intergalactic space war, he finds himself fighting alongside the ‘United Animals Federation’ and along with Bucky, Dead-Eye Duck, Bruiser and Co. They combat to stop the ever growing threat of ‘Complex’ and his brainwashed army of toads!!

This show ran for just 1 season and was complied of 13 episodes, most of the featured stories of which came from the original comic series created in the early 1980’s

Bucky OHare 1

This show, like all of the animated series featured in this list was accompanied with a popular toy line, and featured some of the greatest action figures and characters to ever bless a 90’s kids childhood.


10. Dino Riders

During an intergalactic dogfight between the Valerians and the Evil Krulos and his Rulon minions, both starships are transported through time and space crash land on none other than phreostoric earth. Using mystic telepathy to communicate with the free-roaming dinosaurs, the Valerians embrace their new found home and start rebuilding a new life and society with their new friends the dinosaurs. However, when they discover the rulons are not far away and are using brutal brain box technology to take control of the dinosaurs, its all outward again in one of the most underrated animated TV shows of all time… ‘Dino Riders’!


An unbelievably cool toy line was also produced by Tyco, featuring tones of robotic walking dinosaurs, action figures and dino traps!!


Again running for just 1 season in 1988 including an ‘ice age’ special this show featured many of the voice actors from Transformers, and is the perfect show to end our list on.

Just look how cool this show was!!