There’s A Garbage Pail Kids Documentary On It’s Way… Amazing!


Garbage Pail Kids were ace. The sick, disgusting and depraved collectors cards from the mid-80’s gained a HUGE cult following, and even ended up being turned into a full movie. They’ve been around for three decades, and show no sign of fading into obscurity.

Joe Simko and Jeff Zapata who worked for Topps on the Garbage Pail Kids are directing the documentary, 30 Years Of Garbage, and they talk to the people that created it, illustrated it, pushed and promoted it, and the collectors that kept them in a job.

30 Years of Garbage is loaded with, “…jam-packed with interviews and stories from the original creators of the controversial and explosively-popular 1980’s card series. Grown-up kids share nostalgic memories of what it was like to be a part of an international phenomena. Superfans give us a peek at what a 30-year amassment of Garbage Pail Kids memorabilia looks like.

The film is officially released on July 1st at it’s New York premiere, if you happen to be about the area and want to check it out. We can’t wait to watch it, and in the meantime we’re going to dig out our collections and watch the classic movie.