Check Out This RIDICULOUS Collection Of Aliens And Predators


We love Predators. We love Aliens. We love cool collections. So it’s no surprise that we love this cool collection of Predators and Aliens.

Greig Bain’s unreal collection room has been shared online, and for good reason. Just look at it!




Greig say’s that it’s 95% complete, and that he has a proper photo shoot on the way soon, which we’ll be keeping a keen out for.

If you’re wondering exactly what’s in there, he told Clect:

So here it is, one big room incorporating 3 zones.
1. The games room.
Championship Dart board.
Custom pool table with built in sound system, wine rack and bar fridge.
Arcade with 1500 oldschool classic games.
Tv. Linked to every tv channel on the planet and directly to the main media hub with 9TB of movies TV and music.
Lit Besta cabinets for some of my smaller Pred and Alien pieces.
30 mask 1:1 Pred bio wall.
Custom Alien stairwell diorama.
Custom framed Pred and Alien screenprints.


2. The museum.
Comprising of two 8m x 1.4m x1m shelves and 3 centre podiums with matching bulkheads.
All cabinets are a custom fitout allowing both uplighting and downlighting, custom illuminated signage and floor 8m ambient lighting (center podiums need finished hence the 5% incomplete)
Backdrops for the main shelves are one piece custom vinyl.
Under each shelf and podium are fully fitted cupboards for box storage.

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3. The gallery/cinema.
8m remote control acoustic curtain separates this area when required. Remote blackout blinds and screen.
Full media hub linked to the other 5 tvs in the house and my phone which all incorporate chromecast for streaming. Ps3 Ps4 and WiiU for gaming.
Every available wallspace is taken up with Predator and Alien screenprints and privately commissioned artwork.
Bespoke mini podiums allow me to display the overspill from my main statue collection.
The entire 3 zones are double skinned with soundproofing.







This is the exact sort of mancave we want. Imagine chilling down there while having a Predator marathon, stopping between films for a quick game of pool. Amazing.